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Restorative Hair Treatment By Tomy B.


Repair. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.

What is lipid Complex?

Amino and Fatty Acids used keep hair healthy, increasing shine and manageability. 

Repair Chemical Hair Damage

After damaging hair with bleach, highlights, relaxers, keratin treatments and other harsh chemicals Lipid complex will help bring the hair shaft back to a healthy PH.

Moisturize Hair

The Lipid molecule is small enough to penatrate the hair shaft and bond to the hair for long lasting moisturized hair. 

Soften Hair

Fatty Acids are what keep hair feeling soft and touchable, reflecting light and looking shiny.


Helping Hair Regrowth

After losing hair due to medical issues, illness or medications lipid complex helps hair grow back healthier and with elasticity.

Balance PH of Hair

As we age the ph of hair changes causing hair to feel dryer and stiffer, when hair is at the right PH level it feels soft and detangles easily.


Stop Hair Breakage

When hair is lacking elasticity is snaps easily when brushing, sleeping or pulling. Elasticity allows hair to move freely without breaking off.

Rejuvenating Hair

Youthful, healthy shiny hair is possible with Lipid Complex Hair Treatments.

From Our Clients

find out while people can’t stop talking about how lipid complex technology changed their hair.

“My daughters hair was falling out, breaking and was constantly greasy- Lipid complex saved her hair”

Michelle Skolnik

“After chemo, the little hair I had left felt like straw, lipid treatments made my hair feel incredible.”

Andrel Nahaev

“After growing out my hair it became unmanageable and messy looking, lipid treatments keep my longer hairstyle looking shiny soft and well kept.”

Eduard Ungureanu

“Always use a lipid hair treatment after my highlights my hair has never been so long and healthy after color.”

Tonya Ewer